Shen Shang Lian Zhuang, the President of the rate

Source:MATIS 2019-11-26

       Shenzhen time-honored brand, the city New Business Card! On the morning of November 21, Zhuang Lixiang, former deputy secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, President of the Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce and the Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce, led the team An inspection team of old Shenzhen brands was formed by Guan Lingen, director of the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Labor and Social Security; Hooven, editorial committee of the Shenzhen Evening News; Gong Daping, Director of New Media at the Shenzhen Media Group; Li Jun, Director of the Shenzhen Trademark Big Data Center; and Sisi Chen, secretary general of the Shenzhen Old Brands Association Enter the Shenzhen time-honored brand to participate in the Evaluation Enterprise, Shenzhen Pearl Industry Association President Unit, Shenzhen Charm Jewelry Co. , Ltd. , on the company to declare the Shenzhen time-honored brand to inspect the guidance.

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Charm Jewelry Chairman Tu Xingcai reported to President Zhuang and his party

       At about 10:00 that morning, President Zhuang Lixiang and his party arrived at Charm Jewelry Company By the Shenzhen Pearl Industry Association President, Shenzhen Charm Jewelry Co. , Ltd. . Tu Xingcai, chairman of Charm Jewelry Company Management Team welcomed. Accompanied by Chairman Tu Xingcai, the delegation first visited the cultural wall of corporate culture construction of charm decoration company. The Wall of culture is composed of photos from different periods, which truly records the wonderful moments of the charm decoration company in different periods of development. See this piece after piece witnessed the company's development vicissitude old photograph, a brand which grows together with the Shenzhen leaps and bounds in front of eyes. President Zhuang and other line watch carefully, from time to time concerned about the inquiry, for Tu Xingcai to maintain the military character, led the charm decoration team to create a brand, based on the Pearl Industry for the spirit of hard entrepreneurship.

1 (1)(1).jpgPresident Zhuang, accompanied by General Tu, visited the company's Cultural Wall

        Later, President Zhuang and other officials visited the charm jewelry product center and various departments of the company, and were welcomed by the staff of the department wherever they went We can see that the staff of various departments are busy with the goods sent to all parts of the country, a piece of exquisite Pearl, a section of Pearl jewelry products are packed in boxes waiting for delivery. Seeing this hectic work scene, chairman Zhuang and his party were very happy. He said that seeing the busy and nervous staff showed the strength and competitiveness of the enterprise in the market And this is all the declaration of Shenzhen time-honored enterprise must be a prerequisite.

微信图片_20191125164924(1).jpgCharm adorns a corner of the Jewelry Products Exhibition Hall

      After visiting all departments of the company, President Zhuang and other delegations went into the company conference room and listened to the report on the development of the company. According to reports, Shenzhen Charm Jewelry Co. , Ltd. was founded in 1997, is a collection of professional design, processing, production of Pearl support, chain buckle and jewelry accessories of comprehensive jewelry services. Mainly engaged in 18K gold, 925 silver Pearl Empty, pearl chain buckle, jewelry accessories. For Pearl, coral and jade jewelry to provide original design products. With its novel design, style diversity, complete varieties and partners by the trust and reputation of the industry.

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      Tu Xingcai had an early brand awareness and founded the company in 1997 The following year registered the brand of Xindehong. Charm is the main product is focused on the pearl industry accessories, starting from the small, in the competitive Pearl Industry break out of a day! Today's charm jewelry, has become the major pearl enterprises at home and abroad the preferred partner. From the early stage of business, Tu Xingcai put forward the management concept of quality-based, long-term integrity. Under the guidance of this concept, charm ornaments from the pearl industry accessories and pearls from the Pearl chain. Creating a big market for little products that nobody cares about.

1 (7)(1).jpg The president of the charm decoration focused on Tianxia Diyi professional spirit to give recognition

       After listening to the charm of the introduction, President Zhuang charm decoration dedicated, professional, focused on the entrepreneurial spirit of solid enterprise like. He believes that the spirit of "quality-based" and "long-standing integrity" advocated by "charm" is very much in line with the spirit of "deep business" . In particular, Tu himself has developed a military style and is willing to be a green leaf, becoming the most beautiful supporting actor I think it's admirable that you're so focused on Tianxia DIYI. He encouraged charm ornaments to continue to do a good job of products, carry forward the sincere, fine, professional, fine business philosophy, the integrity and service in the first place, to provide customers with more competitive products. He also put forward specific guidance on the need to strengthen intellectual property protection, brand promotion and innovation

1 (12)(1).jpgCharm Jewelry Chairman Tu Xingcai in the presentation

       Charm Jewelry Chairman Tu Xingcai said in his speech that he was grateful to President Zhuang for personally leading the team to visit the guidance work, but also expressed his gratitude to the other experts and scholars of the mission for their guidance. He said that he will take this opportunity to apply for the Shenzhen time-honored brand, compare the requirements of the application, carefully study the standard, and charm jewelry decoration will improve the modern management system of the enterprise, we will intensify our efforts to innovate, upgrade and transform traditional technology through information technology, pay more attention to the construction of corporate culture, and carry out corporate social responsibility. We will seize the historic opportunity presented by Shenzhen's dual-district drive With the further development of the national Belt and Road strategy, we will build the brand into a world-renowned Chinese brand. At the same time of expanding the brand, charm jewelry will combine the strength of the industry Together, we will bring Chinese pearls to the global market and make the World Fall in love with chinese-made Pearls. DSC_0092 拷贝(1).jpg                                                                                         General Tu to the assessment team to do the company's Development Vision Report                                                                                                              The theme of the 10th Shenzhen time-honored Brands Selection event is to carry forward, inherit, gather and appreciate the past, and to take the past history, characteristics, image and influence as the standard, and to pay attention to the excavation and refinement of the value and connotation of the past-honored brands More attention to the cultural value of enterprises and products, since its launch on June 28, has been widely concerned by the Shenzhen business community and the community. Shenzhen time-honored brands represent the rigorous and inspirational business spirit, and are a shining gold-lettered signboard. They all have a glorious history of hard work, painstaking management and Enduring Wind and frost Has Created A long-standing reputation, long-lasting brilliant image. This time, charm jewelry was selected for the evaluation of Shenzhen's time-honored enterprises. It is an affirmation and reward for the achievements that charm jewelry has made in more than 20 years, and it will encourage charm jewelry to continue to maintain its industry advantage and to constantly strive for innovation and progress Promoting the management of charm jewelry enterprises to a new level. At the same time to encourage and promote the growth of enterprises and entrepreneurs to Shenzhen time-honored brand as the benchmark, benchmarking learning, always maintain entrepreneurship.                                                                                                                                                                         微信图片_20191125165536.jpg                                                                                                                                                                 Shenzhen time-honored Brand Board is Shenzhen's gold-lettered signboard                                                                                                                                                                                                               Zhang Wenyang, deputy secretary general of Shenzhen Gold Jewelry Industry Association; Chen Chunzhu, Secretary General of Shenzhen Pearl Industry Association; Hu Jie, General Manager of Shenzhen Charm Jewelry; Wang Tao, General Manager of Shenzhen Aisilun Jewelry; and Liang Shubiao, director of office of Charm Jewelry Company attended the event.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                1 (4)(1).jpgGeneral Tu and President Zhuang Group of the Collective Assessment Group Group photo