My Motherland and Me

Source:MATIS 2019-09-27


                                                Charm jewelry company held a flash mob to celebrate the 70th birthday of the motherland

    In 70 years, it was magnificent and brilliant. A person, always in the wish and wish to move forward courageously; A country, always in the construction of dreams and dream of forging ahead. Time flies, time goes by like a song. The 70-year wind and rain journey, today China, Guotai Minan, and the government and the people, this prosperity is enough to comfort the martyrs and inspire later people. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, enrich the cultural life of young employees, stimulate youth vitality, display a positive spirit, and enhance corporate cohesion, on the morning of September 26, Shenzhen Pearl industry association president unit, Shenzhen charm jewelry Co., Ltd. held the theme "I and my motherland" blessing China 70 birthday "flash" event. Celebrate the motherland in advance.


On the morning of September 26, Charisma Jewellery Co., Ltd. came to the company early from the heads of companies such as Chairman Tuxing and General Manager Hu Jie, and all the employees of the company's office wore a uniform gold T-shirt and held a bright national flag. Everyone gathered in the office with joy and excitement. With "flash" this kind of fashion activity to express to the motherland birthday beautiful blessing! At the beginning of the event, under the background of the national flag, the whole group sang "I and my motherland" together. Everyone waved the national flag and was full of passion. They expressed their love and blessing to the motherland. During the event, the company's employees 'uniform clothing, enthusiastic spirit, and positive spirit became a beautiful landscape of the event. Each face was filled with deep pride and was proud of the prosperity and prosperity of the great motherland. People express their love for the motherland with their actions and songs. It inspires the pride and pride in people's hearts.



         The flash event was held in response to the spirit of the "Notice on the Widespread Organization of Mass Publicity and Education Activities of" I and My Motherland "on the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China in Chongqing." The leaders of the company attached great importance to this event and put forward the requirements for doing a good job. Each department carefully organized and actively participated in this special form to present the 70th anniversary of the founding of the motherland.



        Over the past 70 years, our motherland has grown strong from rising up to becoming rich, and has created one miracle after another. This is the pride and glory of all the Chinese people. Passion flying, convey the best wishes of the heart; Full of enthusiasm, bless the motherland flourishing. Home is the smallest country, country is ten million! Happy birthday, my country! Wish the motherland a better tomorrow! It shows the spirit of charm and vitality, inspiring the patriotic enthusiasm and pride of all employees. The charm jeweler sings for the prosperity of the motherland.

"Home is my home, country is my country! A country has a home, and a country depends on it! "At the end of the event, everyone took a picture of the country's flag and opened up the most brilliant smile of the jewelry person. We all wish the great motherland a better tomorrow!