Charm MATIS summer trip -- tung chung group buildi

Source:MATIS 2019-07-31

 MATIS summer trip - tung chung group building activity

     "All have, target the coast of tung chung, set out", shenzhen in July, the scorching sun is like fire, the heat is unbearable, but these can not stop the charm act the role of people's youth and vitality, charm act the role of another group building activities kicked off.

▲Glamour staff photo before departure


     Drive two hours, came to the home of today's event: tung chung coast. At this time of tung chung coast, tourists in groups, laughter, this is a veritable sea of joy.

     Soldiers and horses did not move the first food, in the addition of sufficient water, the league building activities will begin. The event will be divided into three groups: accessories group, air support group and anniversary group. The company has prepared a variety of group activities for everyone, among which the most representative activities are: drinking straw and three feet for two people. These two are the test team cooperation and team tacit understanding of the competition items, before the game began, everyone has rubbed their hands, vowed to win the first prize.

▲Staff prepare activity photos

      One of the projects: drinking cup passing through straw, everyone should use straw to pass the cup, the last person USES straw to transport the cup to the end, the team with the shortest time won. After understanding the rules of the game, we have Suggestions, began to rehearse.

▲Staff activity photos

     The match has officially started. It is not difficult to see from everyone's attentive looks and sharp eyes that this will be a war without smoke.

Staff activity photos


After a fierce competition, the air support group temporarily lead, the anniversary group is in the second place, the accessories group is in the third place.

Item 2: three legs for two. By two people solidarity and collaboration, two people standing side by side, one person with another person right leg below the knee, left leg ankle above part with a rope tied to a, starting at the beginning of the starting position, opposite to sign back and return to the starting position, then the rope solution, to the next set of players for the game, and finally to complete ranking time length. From the beginning of the repeatedly wrestling to slowly forward to run all the way, we cooperate more and more tacit understanding, the competition is more and more white-hot.

Staff activity photos

      In the end, the air support group won the first place with the highest total score, and won the magic device -- mini fan. Friendship first, competition second, we have sent congratulations, imperceptibly in everyone's cohesion is stronger and stronger.

▲Employee award photos

     Sending blessings for colleagues birthday has been the tradition of charm decoration, take this group to build activities, for July birthday colleagues to send the best wishes, wish you more and more happiness, wish our charm decoration family is getting better and better!

▲Staff birthday photo

     East and west chung path is one of the "eight most beautiful coastlines in China". Charming people are ready to set out for east and west chung path in the early morning. Women are no better than men.

▲Group photo of staff on foot

    Time in the laughter slowly passing, the group built a perfect end. In the league, the charm of the people show their team spirit and cooperation spirit, in the face of success, we are not arrogant and impetuous, smooth forward; In the face of failure, we are not depressed, make persistent efforts; In prosperity, we strive to run, homeopathic hair; In adversity, we sail against the current and ride the waves. Charm act the role of all staff under the leadership of chairman tu to forge ahead, scale new heights, I believe that in the near future charm act the role of people will create a new high!

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