Happy April day to you and me

Source:MATIS 2019-05-20

The spring breeze blows the mind of ying ying, running water listens to the voice of the heart

The April sky has dyed fangfei's story.

Birthday wishes to revel in the beautiful spring,

About warm, accompanied by sunshine, and the truth.


Walking on the shore of time,

Enjoy a wandering romance,

On a blue warm April day,

A painting of life in mood and in poetry

Depict life meaningful and distant.

Feel the color of life,

Feel the plain happiness,

The original love has been in the heart.


April employee birthday cake

A cake symbolizes a united community,

Each candle symbolizes a beating heart,

Heart because of the collective and wonderful,

The collective is proud of its heart.

(toasted by Mr. Tu and the staff)


Chairman of the charm act delivered a speech,

Drink with the staff,

A happy scene,

Let the staff deeply feel the warmth of the charm decoration family.

       Through the birthday party, not only enhance the feelings and friendship between employees, enhance everyone's understanding and the cohesion of the company. I believe that through the joint efforts of all the charm, we will be able to build a more warm and friendly family. Finally, I wish all the birthday and birthday is about to celebrate the birthday of the small partners happy birthday, always young! In the years to come, we will write the most magnificent chapter of our lives for our common cause.

(chairman tu xingcai took a photo with employees)


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