Glamour jewelry has become one of the first batch

Source:MATIS 2019-04-10


"The surface scenery, inner hesitation; Face is not old, heart has vicissitudes of life; Little achievement, often depressed; More tired than a mule, more busy than an ant; Occasionally omission, when people as a gun; He that counts his purse is worse than a servant and better than a laborer. Struggle heart not extinguish, gnash one's teeth still self-improvement." This joke can be said to be the expression of the heart of the jewelry sour! Making jewelry consumption clear, creating an honest consumption environment, and boosting the healthy development of the industry have become the common aspiration of all jewelry workers in spring 2019. On the morning of March 20, by the Chinese jewelry jade jewelry industry association, the deparment, shenzhen luohu district, shenzhen bureau of industry and information technology bureau, the communist party of China (luohu district of shenzhen water bei jewelry park joint committee to guide, shenzhen zhongxin e-commerce transaction security promotion center (hereinafter referred to as "the center" letter) and jointly organized by China jewelry enterprise credit union, The national jewelry credit system construction, which is undertaken by the platform for tracing the source of authentic products, and participated by many industry associations such as shenzhen pearl industry association and 14 jewelry enterprises such as shenzhen charm jewelry co., LTD., was held in shuibei jinzhan jewelry square.

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President of shenzhen pearl industry association, chairman of shenzhen glamour jewelry co., LTD. Leaders from the jewelry industry and hu xiaofan, from their respective perspectives, understood and Shared the intellectual property protection and credit system construction of the jewelry industry.

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Leaders of industry associations and persons in charge of the organizer who participate in the activity

The healthy development of the industry depends on the joint participation of jewelry industry association and jewelry enterprises! Shenzhen charm jewelry co., LTD., as a leading enterprise in the pearl industry in shenzhen, took the lead in responding in the industry and participated in the first batch of pilot units of jewelry integrity trading with 14 enterprises such as shenzhen bainianbaocheng jewelry co., ltd. and shenzhen xishangfu jewelry co., LTD. On the opening ceremony of "original genuine goods · genuine genuine goods" counter, leaders and guests present the logo of "original genuine goods · genuine genuine goods" counter and the plaque of national integrity trading pilot unit for these 14 enterprises.

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Pilot unit award ceremony

Mr. Tu xingcai participated in this activity in a dual capacity, representing both shenzhen pearl industry association and leading enterprises in the pearl industry. He took part in this activity, use action to "original, the original is" counters activities support, to damage the fake crying out of the development of the industry, and to drive a lot and more enterprises participate in the action, industry associations and the leading light of the common, the healthy development of jewelry industry will usher in the spring.

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List of pilot units for the counter activity of "original genuine products and genuine genuine products"


The original, the original is "counters set up strict admittance mechanism, the entering of enterprises with a full range of inspection, issued through the review of enterprises with" original, the original is "counters, consumer credit enterprise of scanning logo on the jewelry demonstration qr code, you can view the electronic certificate and report, understand the status of the enterprise actual strength and business, more than a security when shopping. In addition, counter enterprises can also get the traceability label of special genuine products on the credit platform of anti-counterfeiting traceability in China's jewelry and jade jewelry industry, hang and paste the label on each original product and the identification certificate, and verify the authenticity of the product from the source one thing at a time, so as to shut out counterfeits and shoddy products.

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Activity starting site


For the booming jewelry industry in recent years, there is no lack of creativity, but respect and protection for creativity! Never lack of innovation, the lack of innovation is the technical protection! There is no lack of creation, what is lacking is the protection of the rules of creation! Plagiarism, plagiarism, counterfeiting, become a stumbling block in the healthy development of the jewelry industry, become the jewelry industry practitioners and owners of lingering pain in the heart! The "original, the original is" counters start, is China's jewelry industry to a beneficial innovation and intellectual property protection is also following the March 26, 2015 shenzhen pearl industry association self-discipline after the release of another exploration practice in the jewelry industry, will surely become a jewelry industry, is of epoch-making significance in the history.

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Industry associations and leaders of pilot enterprises are on site

Shenzhen charm jewelry co., ltd. was founded in 1997, after 20 years of development, is a collection of professional design, processing, production pearl holder, chain buckle and jewelry accessories "one-stop" modern jewelry integrated service provider. Is the shenzhen pearl industry association (shenzhen "AAA" level social organizations) President of the unit. Market sales network throughout north China, east China, and guangdong and Hong Kong pearl circle. Today's glamour jewelry is taking advantage of the in-depth promotion of "One Belt And One Road" of the country and the power of the industry to jointly promote Chinese pearls to the world and make the world fall in love with Chinese products.